The artful editing and rearrangement of existing furnishings to create a fresh, balanced and updated space.

Many clients have pieces they love; family treasures which give their room’s character and help define who they are. Their sense of home is enhanced by using those pieces which have special meaning to them. With the increasing focus on using resources wisely and living green, interior redesign is a fast growing offshoot of the traditional practice of interior design. The focus is on recreating a fresh and updated interior, by editing and rearranging the existing furnishings. Redesign brings a more spacious, comfortable, and uncluttered feel to the rooms where your special pieces are highlighted.

Redesign is ideal for clients who want a cost effective way to recreate their interiors. The process is especially well suited to those who have recently moved, those considering downsizing, or those who have little need for additional furniture.

Redesign services include

  • Editing of client’s furniture, artwork, and accessories to select the best and most appropriate pieces for the redesign project
  • Selecting paint colors and other finishes as needed
  • Eliminating clutter and outdated items
  • Repurposing furnishings from one room to another, giving them new life in an improved arrangement
  • Creating furniture layouts as needed
  • Selecting additional items as needed to complete the room
  • Rearranging newly edited selection of furniture, art, and accessories to provide the utmost in comfort, function, and visual appeal, while highlighting personal treasures to reflect the client’s unique taste and personality

Initial consultation, two hour minimum at $80 per hour, with additional hours as needed at $80 per hour, one hour minimum for subsequent appointments.

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